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As educators ourselves, we want to have a site that will be simple and efficient for all those who may need an idea or two.  There are two groups of people who we want to serve; parents and teachers.  However, the ultimate goal is to provide resources that will benefit the children.

As educators, developers and designers we are focusing on three specific areas: math, language arts in English and Spanish, and technology as tools for teaching and learning.  Also, we believe that learning starts early in life and that if children do not acquire the most basic skills in math and language arts, those early learners will be handicapped the rest of their lives.  Therefore, we focus on creating academic resources for kindergarten through third grade.

The site includes three types of resources: academic journals, educational materials and resources that address the Common Core Standards in math and language arts, and other tools that we are developing as we speak.  Also, we have included tools that your students can utilize to learn and practice academic concepts in math and language arts.  All the tools attempt to address the Common Core Standards.

We have a tool that can assist you to identify specific objectives from the Common Core Standards.  The power of this tool is that it provides specific ideas for each objective that you find.  Also, in the future, it will allow registered teachers submit ideas they would like to share with our growing community.  As you may have noticed, most of the materials we offer are completely free of charge so your collaboration will be welcomed.

For now we thank you for taking an interest on our website.  We are working hard to make it useful and efficient.  If you would like to comment or provide constructive feedback, please do so.  We will be grateful for your support.


Arturo Aldana

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