For Institutions

Mi Tutor provides services and materials that support individuals and institutions in the fields of education, training, and development of teaching materials.

Our partners and associates have worked within the education systems of the United States and Mexico. With an emphasis on the education systems of the two countries and two languages (Spanish and English), we have the experience to support most educational projects.

IF your school or institution needs support in the design or identification of curriculum for your institution, we have the tools and experience to support you in this important task of identifying and choosing the most suitable teaching materials for your organization.

If you are a company that needs assistance in research and curriculum support, our partners have a range of skills and tools that can facilitate and accelerate the development of educational materials. Mi Tutor uses the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) curriculum design process for an organized, focused and above all, effective curriculum design educational project.

Mi Tutor also has the expertise for the development and transformation of educational materials to digital form. We can convert any hard copy material to electronic form for universal access. Digital materials are universal in scope and are now a requirement for global trade in all industries, including those organizations that serve education systems.

Here are some examples of how we can support and assist your organization:

For private and public schools

Professional Development

Advice and mentoring

Year planning

Curricular organization and certification

Curriculum Development

Consulting in general

For organizations  that develop teaching and learning materials


Instructional Design

Development of bilingual materials and translations

Conversion of materials into digital form

For firms and private companies

Professional Development

Evaluation systems

Design custom curriculum for your company

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