What Can Parents Do To Prepare for the CCSS?

Educational standards describe what students should know and be able to do in each subject in each grade.

In California, the State Board of Education decides on the standards for all students, from kindergarten through high school.

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10 competencies that teachers of ELD should possess

clipart-for-teachers-folder teacher notesThere are 10 competencies that teachers of ELD should possess. The competencies should guide professional development, assisting teachers at all stages of their careers to teach all English learners well and to prepare them to be productive members of their school and home communities.

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When to call your child's teacher

Thanks to email, school websites and social networking sites, parents and teachers can communicate with each other more easily and frequently. Despite that, some parents are still reluctant to contact their child's teacher. Don't be! A quick conversation or email exchange can solve simple misunderstandings, or make it clear that a longer, more formal conversation is needed.

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ELD Teachers K-5 - Assessment Strategies

english-language-learning-aveenasThe topic of the education of immigrants  and language minorities has always been accompanied by social and political controversy in California. The state of California has provided specialized programs for English learners since 1960s,

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8 Steps to Get Ready for Test Season

Weather we like them or not, academic assessments are a yearly ritual in our lives.  Every year our schools take on that enormous challenge to asses our kids. We need to be prepared to assist our children succeed in this important process. The following article recommends 8 specific steps to be prepared for test season. Full Article



Practice Tests for Upper Grades


This page contains practice tests in Spanish for the different grade levels described below.  For secundaria and preparatoria.  It includes all the required subject areas.  For PRIMARIA there are 3 subject areas available.

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5 Tips for Explaining Common Core to Parents

In many schools and districts, October and November are filled with parent-teacher conferences. Teachers across the nation meet with parents during early-release days and evening sessions to discuss each student’s progress and successes. This year, many schools and teachers are facing a new, difficult topic to discuss with parents: Common Core Assessment results.

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