Earth Visit Report

By Olivia Fleming

Hello, my name is Luna and I am two years old (Of course on your planet I am twenty two years old). I am from the planet Oral in the galaxy Solar. I live with my Mom, Dad, and two older brothers. My planet is amazing, but I love to visit Zorb my neighbor galaxy whenever I can. Earth, though, is truly something to talk about.

First of all, the reason I came to Earth was to get a good story for my planet’s newspaper. As you can now tell, I am a reporter. My boss is apparently bored with my planet. I say “What is there to be bored about?” Anyway, I actually have found some very interesting observations on this planet.

On this planet, kids go to school for about thirteen years. Back on my planet, we only go for six earth  years. That is more than double the amount of education they get on their planet! Plus, I have found that they wear this weird and ugly cloth on their bodies. I think that people dress like this because they are 11 million miles farther from their sun than we are from ours.

Also, the people on this planet eat really weird food. They probably eat this weird food because it is healthier for them. They have this cool thing called “mac and cheese”, which I am totally a fan of.  I mean I couldn’t imagine life without my favorite foods, magnets and lead. Plus, people have emotions which cause them to act anywhere from sad and innocent to angry and mean. This planet is very interesting and I hope to visit again.