The Journal of Ycdaiel

The Journal of Ycdaiel

I found a journal of this kid Ycdaeil. He was really weird. He had a strange head, a human like upper body, and what looked like a slug like lower body. This journal said he was coming from planet Afdaa, in the Hersheys Bar Galaxy. Here is what the journal said.

This is so exciting! I’m coming to Earth for my 3,000 birthday with my dad Baklava. There have only been a few other people that have gone, and have heard some strange things. So I came here to see in what they said was true. I can’t wait.

I landed at a place called a school. They do something called learn? I don’t know, it’s really weird. They also eat this circular thing called pizza, and put things on it. I don’t know why they eat all these different foods, when the best food of all grows on trees: Leaves. Humans have two legs, and somehow still are able to move. They call this walking. They’re also able to speed up they’re walking, and call it running.

I guess they eat pizza because it tastes good? I can’t taste anything, so it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t know why they cover up the bottom half of their body. Maybe because they are embarrassed. I will never truly understand humans. It’s time to go home now.

That’s what his journal said.