Hey, my name is Blarbrobe, or one Earth Bloom. I come from planet Terra in the Galaxy of Eritque Arcus. I was born from the Mystical Tree called Crescente. All the people from this planet were born from this Magical Tree. Are queen is named Queen Princeps or in english Queen Promise. I am a world famous traveler and writer,I take photos of other places and planets, I also write articles and books about these special places as well My favorite food is spaghetti which is kinda like fried squid and octopus legs with crawfish shells and a megalodon sauce. My favorite sport is deathball. Also my favorite kind of vacation spot is atlantis it’s so filled with diversity, and has a little magic in mystery as well! My kind of people are a type of alien called the crescentes, We can travel to the deepest of oceans, the hottest volcanoes, and the most ancient or lost cities. We also know 500 languages including english which would help me on my mission.. Our type of people, get these strange new abilities every thousand years and we have no idea why. We think that it was a present sent from the heavens. My ability is that i can travel to anywhere I want.


My people wanted to see what a school would look like, and wanted me to explore the school. We chose BIS. When I first arrived at BIS, it was very loud, it kinda sounded like the magna, a animal on our planet who is known for its loudness. As i explore this BIS one of my earthling friends shows me around the campus. She first showed me what all the buildings look like. I thought were a little different than ours but still pretty. I realized right away that earth was a pretty planet,but that glowing boxes and glowing letters earthlings relied on to much. That I think are called phones and computers. Another thing i noticed is that there are things called global warming in the weather, and a lot of weird things as well called kars, makines, and technology. When a bell rings my friend tells me it’s lunch time, so i get out some rare red seaweed salad with barnacles one of my favorite seafood salads! When my friend sa what i was eating she was first like, “How did you get that seaweed those are really rare here?!” “ It’s in most of the oceans on my planet and make salads out of them.” I said. My friend told you are going to try something right now! “Here try this it's called pizza” said emily. “Fine!” i told her. OMG it was so good it was like heaven.”MMM that’s so good i’m totally showing this to the queen.” “Welcome to the pizza life!’ As observed the school, it was a very friendly community, the teachers helped out with the students, people would help and collaborate with others, and it look liked everyone was having a great time..


BIS was a great community and middle school. It has great food, diversity, fun, and learning. I was really glad that I was sent for this mission, I am so excited what to tell to the queen, what fun i have exploring this school called BIS. It would be a memory I would never forget.