Carlos and Elisa (K)

Carlos and Elisa are siblings, similar in many ways, but different too. They like to play together but not every day.

The Big Tree

Hello, my name is Lucas.  I am the grandfather of many trees, but one day I was just small like you.

My Friend, the Doctor

Many children are afraid when they go to the doctor.  But not me. The doctor I go to is my friend. His name is Richard.

My Doll Sofia

I have a doll named Sofia.  My doll Sofia is small and it has a round face and cheeks that look like a set of maracas.  

The Eat-well Plate

Have you heard about the well-balanced dish? It is a plate of food that includes what we must eat to be healthy.

Littering and Helping

Can you imagine if the world was full of garbage? Your house, the patio, the park, the streets, and the school would be very dirty and also ugly. 

My Friend Oliver

I have a friend, his name is Oliver. He is white as snow. He likes running, jumping and digging. He is very playful.

Water is Nature

Nature gives us many good things, such as fruits, vegetables, the beach, and others, but it also needs us to take care of it.

My Dog Rocky and Me

I have a dog named Rocky. When I arrive back from school, Rocky gets happy and wags his tail because he knows I will play with him.

Joaquín and his Siblings

My name is Joaquin, and I have two siblings, a sister, and a brother.  Elisa, who is older than me, and Carlos, who is younger.

It is Fun to Exercise

Soccer is a well-known sport worldwide. Children and adults play soccer and have fun. Although they end up tired, they like it because it is a fun way to exercise.

An Invisible World

There are many things we can look at, touch, smell, and taste, but there is a world that nobody can see.