How to recognize if your child has a tendency towards math or science?

I’m not necessarily an expert, but here are the things I remember from my childhood that I later learned are likely signs of a STEM inclination:

1. Takes apart toys to see how they work and sometimes put them back together, perhaps with some changes.

2. Reads everything possible from the family encyclopedias (no Internet at that time — now this would be consuming as much information on several academic subjects).

3. Collects plants, rocks, insects, and other things from nature in order to learn more about them.

4. Wishes parents would buy a chemistry set, microscope, and telescope.

5. Obsessed with the universe and the space program.

Fortunately, I found my way to STEM and enjoy my work every day. Even though I am a digital marketer, I program and “do math” on a daily basis. In fact, my favorite office time is spent buried in a spreadsheet or Python program while I’ve got some music on.

Oh, and for the record... I’m left-handed and an avid surfer.

by Apryl DeLancey