Healthy Stories

Good health and academic success go hand in hand. Healthy children are better students and become successful and productive members of society.  Good health enhances their lives and it provides benefits to their well-being which includes academic performance.

However, some problems can hinder their way to success. Students are increasingly facing challenges that are related to health, such as obesity and diabetes.

Therefore, students must be equipped with the necessary knowledge to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As they grow up, they will confront health issues that will affect their well-being. With these stories, we attempt to provide health concepts to students that will help them make better decisions in the future to ensure a productive and prosperous life.

And what better way to introduce health issues to young students than a story about family, friends, school, and the environment? Mi Tutor has developed thirty-nine short stories to introduce health issues and concepts. At the same time, the guide includes activities that focus on the importance of reading comprehension as well as oral and written language skills. These academic skills are required for kindergarten level students according to the Common Core Standards.


or view and use stories without the lesson plans. 

Well-Balanced Plate

Fun Exercise

My Grandpa is Bald

The Battle of the Snacks

The Big Tree

Sophia My Doll

Carlos and Elisa

Adults We Can Trust

Our Body

Our Five Senses

Mateo, the Safety Captain

Elisa Learns Something New

Seat Belts 


Having Friends


Biking Safety

Responsible Playing




Emergency Numbers

The Telephone

Carlos' Granny

Housekeeping Heroes

The Cigarette

Rocky and Me

Large Families

Joaquin and His Brothers

Words Are Keys

Unexpected Events

My Friend Oliver

A Trip to the Beach

Invisible World

Many Toys


Water is Nature

My Friend The Doctor

When Your Body Hurts

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