10 cognitive stimulation activities for children

Cognitive stimulation is a neuropsychological technique that seeks to enhance or improve the mental capacity of a person at any stage of life. When areas of memory, language and attention are worked on; and if appropriate cognitive learning methods are used, a person's quality of life will be significantly improved.

The processes that are applied in the cognitive stimulation are useful in all the stages, knowledge and practice are indispensable; using a series of specific activities stimulate the faculties where training or reinforcement is sought.

Cognitive stimulation is applied in babies and children of all ages to improve mental capacity in them, it seeks to enhance the basic processes of learning. Some of the basic stimulation processes in children focus on attention, memory and reasoning

To stimulate immediate memory in babies, it is appropriate for them to see what happens when turning off or turning on the radio or TV, so that over time they are the ones that turn on or off these elements.

An appropriate activity for children who already know how to write develop the cognitive part, is to present some words as selfish or happy and for children to write some related phrases.

Another appropriate activity is to write a sentence where one of the words does not fit and underline it. An example of these activities is the car Raul yesterday is too expensive, in this case the word that is left over in the sentence is yesterday.

Make noises with your mouth closed. This type of activities for cognitive stimulation in children over 6 months, the idea is that they look for where the sound comes from.

An appropriate exercise for children to develop memory is to invite them to draw a specific place, among which are the house, the school among others, the idea is not that the drawings have a great aesthetic quality, but that different details are represented .

A very simple activity that all parents and teachers can develop with children is to use a correct and simple language, so that the children acquire an adequate handling of the language from the moment they begin to speak.

In many cases children do not know how to develop a job and feel discouraged, in this situation parents should help them through clues, never doing the jobs.

Learning in all children is not presented with the same speed, in some cases it is necessary to use repetitive methods, where the children are presented with an idea several times or a sentence is repeated before the class begins.

Following orders is appropriate for achieving good cognitive stimulation in children. An appropriate game is to create a series of clues that children must perform in groups to obtain a prize.

Among the games for children to develop their cognitive capacity is to present two images almost equal, which have some small differences, for children to find.

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