Learning Ideas for Summer Vacation

During the summer many children forget some of the language and math skills they have acquired during the school year.

Most parents enjoy the summer without the tediousness of academic tasks and projects choosing instead spending time in front of the television and/or playing video games.

But, although the summer holidays have no fixed hours and mandatory tasks, learning opportunities are available and are totally different from those during the school year.  Summer activities can offer children the opportunity to explore non-traditional environments and help them practice and expand the academic skills learned during the school year.

Here are some ideas and tips that you can put into practice during the summer to create fun educational activities for your children.

Encourage Reading and Writing

You can ask your child to help you write a shopping list before going to the market. Other ideas include: find items from the list at the grocery store, ask your child to read aloud a recipe while you are cooking dinner. You can apply these same concepts every time you go with your child to the market, the doctor, the bank or any other place that you visit together.

Turn off the TV

Rather than sit your child in front of the TV, or having him/her playing video games, ask for help you when you have to wash clothes, cook or clean the house. You may ask for help to separate the clothes by color, sizes, and textures.  You can request their assistance in the kitchen counting and measuring ingredients for preparing dinner. These are some of the activities that you can practice to keep your child busy while learning new academic concepts.

Maintain a routine

It is important to continue to maintain a routine even if your child has no longer the strict schedule from school.  Children do best when they know what to expect, so the best thing you can do for them during the summer is to be consistent with the schedule for sleeping, waking up and eating. You can even involve your child to make a schedule and place it in a place where the whole family can view it.

Family time

Even if you have to work during the summer, take advantage of the long summer days and spend time with your family and children by doing fun activities outside the house. The simple act of going for walks with your children can be a fun and educational activity.  One idea would be to bring with you a measuring tape, and encourage your child to find a plant that measures certain height, or find the tree with the largest circumference (this is a perfect opportunity to introduce academic vocabulary and use it in context).  Family outings are a great opportunity to stimulate your children’s creativity and imagination and at the same time, through open and honest communication you will have the opportunity to develop positive relationships with them and will grow together as a family.

As a parent, you are the most influential person in the lives of your children, and summer gives you the opportunity to be a teacher for your children, seeking learning opportunities in every activity and interaction. With a little creativity and resources, you can help your children discover that learning also takes place outside of school, playing, exploring and spending time with the family.

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By Iuliana Papuc