As educators we observe first-hand how many students come to us with many wonderful characteristics and traits. 

Many of them are kind, respectful, good listeners, and self-disciplined students. 

However, we always have one or two who lack many of those self-evident traits.  For me as a teacher, the most important skill a student needs in order to be successful in class is discipline; to be more specific: self-disciplined.  When a child has been taught how to be self-disciplined at home, that student will be very successful at school and any other activities he or she is involved with.  We wanted to make sure parents understand this basic principle.  When you teach your child to be self-disciplined, you are giving your child a precious gift that will carry him or her throughout all the wonderful and difficult phases of their lives.

However, in order for us as parents to teach self-disciplined to our children, we ourselves need to be self-disciplined.  How can we teach our children to be self-disciplined on what they eat if we eat junk food all the time?  How can we teach our children not to be late for events if we are late all the time to work, school, and other important events?

So if you are interested in reading about how to create an atmosphere where there is structure and discipline so your child can learn valuable skills to be self-disciplined, Mi Tutor will identify and feature a series of articles that will illustrate how to create an environment in which self-disciplined is valued and practiced.

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