Reading Skills Importance

Children’s academic success, as well as the success they will achieve in adult life, truly depends in large part on their ability to read.

Children who are good readers are more likely to do well in school as compared with those who are not.

Children who read well are able to understand better, organize their work better, and write better. They are able to comprehend more and determine the meaning of unfamiliar words from the assignments they receive. The information age is well upon us and it is crucial that our children be competent readers and writers if they are going to achieve academic, social and career success. When children can read well and understand what they have read, a world of information has opened up for them. They can travel to far-off lands, learn where their ancestors came from and find out what is happening in our world today by reading newspapers.

Fortunately today, more emphasis is put on a child’s reading than on other subjects, and rightfully so. In order for our children to successfully achieve in English, math, social studies, science and other subjects, they must possess good reading skills. Children who struggle with word recognition do not do well in school. Oftentimes, children who are poor readers begin to reject learning altogether because they are frustrated. They find themselves not understanding the various subjects that are being taught in class and very simply, they feel lost. Children who can read are able to extract important facts from written text and quickly accomplish their goals. They are more successful in learning about a variety of subjects and tend to enjoy the learning process even more than those who cannot read. It can be arguably stated that the ability to read is one of the most (if not most) important life-skills of our day.


 3rd Grade  6nd Grade