Six benefits that individuals do not take advantage of when they do not use technology

Today, technology plays an important role in the lives of people, from adults to children. We can practically do it all from the comfort of home with a screen and internet connection. Children and youth take advantage and are fully adapted to those spectacular technological advances. 


 Many adults are not taking advantage of those same tools.

Most people know that if we utilize technology to its full potential, we will assist our children take advantage of its many benefits.  However, there are many adults who are afraid of,  or do now know how to use technology and thus, miss an opportunity of taking advantage of the tools that are shaping the future of our children.   Here are six benefits of technology:

1. Technology shortens distances.

An economic situation, wherever we live, cause for some family members to move to other cities, making communication difficult. But ... That's right! The phone can shorten distances. We can communicate with our family. However, it is possible now to talk to them and see them in real time for free.

2. The technology may get you closer to your children.

When used properly, technology can help you spend meaningful time with your children.  Now days many schools are requiring children to complete educational activities online that require parental assistance. Watching a video, playing or working with technology facilitates interaction between parents and children, while both learn something new (or remember things learned long ago). Remember it is never too late to learn.

3. No more “the dog ate my homework” excuses.

In the past, parents found out that their children did not do their homework until it was too late. In many cases the parents were not told what children needed to do because they did not receive notices or those notices did not reach the parents on time.  Now days, many schools have implemented systems that send homework assignments directly to parents’ email addresses.  Parents have the option to send homework back to the teacher, to prevent loss and to ensure that all homework is done on time. No more excuses.

4. Technology and instant news.

Currently there is a rush to know the latest news developments. You can find out what happened around the world just seconds after the event.  Before we had to wait to see  “the evening news.” Whether the reasons why we see the news is important or just want to have a conversation with your neighbor, there are many news sources that we can consult. Only one recommendation: beware of fake news sites or manipulated news.

5. If I do not go to the store, the store comes to me.

Previously, all transactions were made in cash. Eventually, we got credit cards and debit cards. At one time in life, it was necessary to go outside with large amounts of money.  Now, many stores accept customers who shop from home, using a computer to view the catalog, and eventually pay with a debit or credit card. In some cases, the shipping is free. Likewise you can pay water, electricity, and telephone bills among others. If you are unable to go shopping, or cannot go outside the home, such payment systems are for you.

6. Change is good

In our life time, change is constant   Employer’s needs are not the same as ten years ago.  Learning new skills is a good choice. It is essential in most decent paying jobs, to possess some computer skills. Making a spreadsheet, edit and print a document, send mails among others, are skills that can make the difference between getting a job or not, and between gaining a new position or getting stuck in one forever.

Technology aims to make our lives easier and make us more productive.  Learn to use technology to your advantage. Let us learn how to use technology so that changes we make are positive and can give our children a good example in using technology appropriately. It is necessary to overcome the fear of technology in order to take that big step and reap the many benefits.  It is worth the effort.

Written by Eduardo Mendez Gomez

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