10 Bedtime Stories to Read to Your Child This Summer

Here are some suggestions for free Kindle bedtime stories to read to your child every night.  You can either read them online on Amazon.com or download them for free on your Kindle App.

Bedtime can be a fun tradition for your child with cute bedtime stories.  Not only you will have a special moment with your child every night but he/she will look forward to going to bed with these entertaining stories.

10 cognitive stimulation activities for children

Cognitive stimulation is a neuropsychological technique that seeks to enhance or improve the mental capacity of a person at any stage of life. When areas of memory, language and attention are worked on; and if appropriate cognitive learning methods are used, a person's quality of life will be significantly improved.

The processes that are applied in the cognitive stimulation are useful in all the stages, knowledge and practice are indispensable; using a series of specific activities stimulate the faculties where training or reinforcement is sought.

10 competencies that teachers of ELD should possess

clipart-for-teachers-folder teacher notesThere are 10 competencies that teachers of ELD should possess. The competencies should guide professional development, assisting teachers at all stages of their careers to teach all English learners well and to prepare them to be productive members of their school and home communities.

10 Signs You May be an Authoritarian Parent

Authoritarian parenting is one of the four main parenting styles recognized by researchers. It's characterized by rigid rules and high demands.  Authoritarian parents have high standards and can be highly critical when those standards aren't met. They also tend to offer less emotional warmth compared to authoritative parents. Read on to find out if you exhibit any of the characteristics of an authoritarian parent.


10 Steps to Prevent Child Drowning

The sad truth about drowning is every kid is at risk — even if she can swim. Learn the latest child and baby drowning statistics and 10 live-saving steps you can take to prevent tragedy from striking.

10 Steps to Take in Response to Cyberbullying

There are very spicific steps you can take or teach your children to avoid cyberbullying.  The worst-case scenario is to avoid or ignore it.  It exists, it is dangerous and it has taken some individuals to extreme measures.  The following steps are provided for your information; use them!

101 Fun Things to Do With Kids This Summer

Summer may be a time to relax, but tell that to kids who are bouncing off the walls or shrieking "I'm bored." As parents, babysitters and nannies, we want each summer to be more memorable than the next, and with that comes the need for a few new ideas -- especially if your child is too young to go to a summer camp.